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Peace of Mind: The Organized Life

Home Organizing

Peace of Mind: The Organized Life

Dreaming of an orderly, organized home? Make that dream a reality with Professional Organizer Jenny Morin’s experience, compassion, and guidance every step of the way.

With Jenny’s help, you will:

  • Banish the clutter
  • Be able to find everything
  • Experience the peace of mind that comes through organization

Create an inviting home with Jenny’s expert help!

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calm peaceful bedroom

Most people who contact me say things like “I don’t know where to start,” or “I’m overwhelmed with the mess.” I provide a compassionate approach without judgment. No matter what life circumstances led to your situation, I provide the experience and skills to transform your home into a functional and attractive place to be.

With Jenny's Expertise, Your Home Will Be:
  • A peaceful place to relax
  • Orderly and free of clutter
  • An attractive place to entertain friends
  • Easier to clean, with no clutter to move
  • Organized so all possessions have a designated home
Experience Lasting Results and Peace of Mind.
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“It feels really good, feels peaceful. I just love the way my home feels. It’s useful, functional, beautiful, and a pleasure to be in there now.  It’s nice not to have to frantically put stuff away when someone comes over.”

~Ann Delimont, Medford, OR

After working with Jenny, I feel such relief from the clutter. As Jenny broke things down, especially with paper, it became easier. I see now that I can do it. She’s shown me how it’s possible. Before, I would shut down because it was too big of a task. And look what we did, you can see a whole floor in {my sewing room}. Now when I feel like doing something in it, like crafts, there is room to do it.”

~Sue West, Phoenix, OR

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Experience lasting results and peace of mind.

Get Started Now!
How much does it cost?

If you’re curious about the cost, the range for organizing services in the US is between $40-$100 per hour. I am well within that range. And I offer packages that provide additional savings.

See my blog: How Much Does a Professional Organizer Cost, Anyway?

What to Expect During that First Phone Call

We have an in-depth telephone conversation. We discuss your goals, examine what needs organization, and help you decide where to start. I ask questions like what is going on in each space, how it got that way and what you would like it to become. Then I explain the six-step organizing process. We plan a time to meet.

What Comes Next

We have a walk-through of your space, and then create an organizing plan customized to your needs.

Ready, set, Organize!

Create a peaceful place to live!

Don’t hesitate to call today!

What are Clients Saying?

“Jenny has saved me! She is a great inspiration to get rid of things unneeded. My main problem was not focusing on one project and staying with it to the finish. She is so good at helping me to focus. One room at a time, we have really sorted and organized! Jenny helps so much without criticizing or judging. She gives great suggestions that work for me.”

Helen Acuff
Grants Pass, OR

“We have had a couple really good sessions which have helped me get on track and find categories to put things in. It makes my life easier so now I can find things when I need to resource them and I don’t spend half my day looking for things.”

Rebecca Anderson
Grants Pass, OR

“I found my business cards in the new file under Business Cards. Amazing! I love these new systems.”

Kathy Oehling
Grants Pass, OR

“Before working with Jenny, my desk and office were a disorganized mess; it was just too much for me to tackle. I had a lot of papers, notes and junk around my computer and desk, things that I needed to file or scan into my computer, but never made the time to do it.  Jenny set up a system to help me get rid of all that clutter. My spare room was a catch-all, loaded with boxes.  If I had a project, I would put it in a box and tell myself that I would sort it out later.  Jenny helped me go through these boxes and we discarded a lot of stuff that I didn’t need and we organized the rest. I am very sentimental and it was difficult for me to get rid of certain things, however, Jenny was wonderful to work with because she was very patient and understanding. Working with Jenny has given me the knowledge and the inspiration to continue to get everything organized.”

Marti Basura
Grants Pass, OR

“Getting organized is good for me. Surprise visitors send me into a panic. I think everything needs to be out of sight so I start cramming things into cupboards, then I never go back and get them out. I would love to not have anxiety if someone were to come by. It prevents me from having friends over . . . Jenny makes it easier to get organized, giving me alternatives about what to do with the things we come across.”

Sue Loper
Sunny Valley, OR

“After 69 years of marriage to a man who saves everything, I became sadly resigned to living in utter chaos.  I lost my beautiful home and the joy of entertaining.  My daughter introduced me to Jenny who assured us she could help us bring order back into our lives.  She worked with us for several months. She was a joy to work with and showed us what to keep and what we could discard. It’s amazing how much we got rid of (which she took away and disposed of). The rest was neatly filed in two cabinets. I now have my home back and the knowledge to keep it that way thanks to dear Jenny.” 

Peggy Durst
Merlin, OR

“Jenny, after our last meeting I’ve been highly motivated and busy working on organizing my photos. The whole family is on board; they’ve been helping me sort. We’ve gotten most of our physical photos sorted and have a new 6 terabyte backup hub to start sorting digital photos by year. I’m actually really excited about it. Thanks again!”

Kelly Pastrano
Medford, OR
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