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Speaker Jenny Morin

Jenny Morin brings contagious energy to her presentations. She engages her audience by sprinkling stories and thought-provoking exercises throughout, then leads them in a direction that will improve their lives, productivity and prosperity.

What People Are Saying

“Jenny makes her subject enjoyable!  She is clearly comfortable as an educator and makes her class feel comfortable as well.  At Jenny’s encouragement to begin with a small (15 minute) task, I went right home and organized my desktop and immediately felt a sense of relief. I have scheduled time in my planner to organize my home office and am actually looking forward to the task now!”

Michele Pryse, SOU Educator

“This course helped save my organization thousands of dollars of lost productivity! It also increased my team’s morale.”

John Warekois, Owner, John Warekois CPA

“Made me realize I need to have more balance and control over my time. Great presentation and great eye-opener to realize how important prioritizing is and how staying in Quadrant Two can really impact the level of stress in a positive way.”

Manager, Southern Oregon Aspire

“I thought the presentation was all things that we needed. . . It helped me personally as far as prioritizing the accountability of the team. (Also), creating white space in my calendar . . . will set me up for success so I’m not overloading my schedule.”

Cassie Robinson, GM, Club Northwest

“One of the biggest takeaways for me was the (Time Matrix) quadrants . . . Once I can tackle my long to-do list and identify which quadrant my tasks go in, that’s going to support me to be more efficient; it’s going to support my staff here at the Club at a higher level.”

Jesse Salas, People & Production Manager, Club Northwest

“Extremely helpful in helping me analyze and make changes in how I manage my time and respond to others.”

Jessica Fall, HR Director, Southern Oregon Aspire
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Jenny Morin gets the job done with style and warmth!

She hails from the east coast, where she learned to tell it like it is! Her participants leave refreshed and motivated. Jenny teaches her audience the skills & knowledge they need to succeed. Participants will leave with clear, realistic goals that will impact their work and life.

Jenny is the right fit for your event if:

  • Your group consists of business owners or company leadership;

  • You want to increase productivity and profit;

  • You want participants to be inspired to act;

  • You want attendees to feel more focused daily;

  • You want an impactful training to promote winning

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It is a joy and a thrill to use my skills to promote a positive change in people’s lives and work. I believe personal growth starts with learning. Learning is exciting, and it inspires people to improve. The best part of speaking is seeing the ‘lightbulb’ moments when they truly grasp a new concept that will enrich their life. Passing on my knowledge and providing the shortcuts I’ve gained by experience is rewarding and worthwhile!

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Most-Requested Speaking Programs

Don’t see a topic that matches your group’s needs? Jenny works with you and your group to deliver presentations that address individual, organizational, and meeting objectives. Simply ask for custom presentations.

Make Time Your Ally

Take your time management to the next level with this interactive, motivating workshop. We all know time is one of our most important resources. In today’s fast-paced workplace, we have less time to accomplish work than in the past. Many professionals find themselves taking on extra duties due to short staffing. Now more than ever before, it is essential to leverage your time.

Learn how to make time work for you and your organization. We discuss how to get more done in less time with decreased stress due to planning and prioritizing. We create goals. Participants leave motivated and empowered with the tools needed to put the new knowledge and skills into practice.

Topics include:  

  • Planning for productivity
  • Prioritizing first things first 
  • Time estimating and the to-do list             
  • Effective meetings
  • Time-saving email strategies
  • Handling Interruptions
  • Work/life balance
  • Time Personality
  • Fit in focus work

This is available as a half-day workshop. For companies desiring all the content, 2 training days are recommended.

We are in the business of creating change, so we include a series of 1-hour follow up trainings for accountability & implementation questions. These have been found to truly make a lasting change in productivity and time management for the engaged person.

Clean Off Your Desk Day: A Company-Wide Productiviy Day

Is disorganization hampering your productivity at work? Learn shortcuts, tips and principles for keeping an orderly desk and files. Instruction time is followed by personal time with the organizer(s) decluttering each individual’s desk.

In the seminar, we start with organizing basics, include going from piles to files. Learn the 6-step organizing method and the steps to create a user-friendly system. Next, discover solutions for organizing challenges like project files and managing tasks. Last, make your office a pleasure to work in by applying the principles for setting up a productive office.

For large companies, we may need to schedule multiple days to make time for everyone’s desk. 60-90 minute workshop/ plus desk organizing time.

EnVision Success This Year

What is important to you? Where do you want to be a year from now? Jenny poses these and other important questions to set direction for your future.

Explore a proven 5-step framework for achieving goals. This path to goal success includes reminders, motivation, obstacles, talents & desires. Jenny identifies a system for working on goals, and how to make large goals more manageable. Also, accountability is a huge part of goal realization, which we delve into. Jenny also
includes ideas for maintaining success once you’ve ‘arrived.’

Discover and refine your vision, and learn how to make it a reality!

Time for reflection and recording thoughts is part of this 60-90 minute workshop.

Let Go of Stress; Embrace Relaxed Productivity

Unfulfilled expectations and overloaded schedules lead to stress in business. Jenny covers some common causes of stress, how goals can be achieved without stress, and four practices that lead to relaxed productivity. Having a detailed knowledge of present commitments and the amount of time needed for tasks plays a big role in alleviating

Jenny also includes her research and experience around creating positive habits and annihilating negative habits.

Benefits: Participants learn that stress does not need to accompany productivity. They will see how to incorporate the 4 practices weekly and feel deeply satisfied at day’s end. Increase morale, productivity, and employee retention.

Target audience: Business leaders & entrepreneurs, HR.

60 minutes. Customizable.

Does This Stuff Make My Desk Look Small?

Focuses on desk and tool setup for optimal productivity in a work setting. An interactive presentation, which includes many principles from Clean off your desk day.

Designed for a more informal setting.  (lunch-and-learn) 45-60 minutes.

Conquering Paper & Digital Clutter

We present several immediate solutions for physical and digital clutter. Steps to take right away
for relief, as well as long-term solutions are presented and discussed.

Available as a longer seminar.

Make your Day Count

Jenny opens with visualization and mindset principles, then leads some self-awareness exercises. She demonstrates how to break goals down into ‘bite-sized pieces.’ She provides relief and a plan of attack
for a demanding schedule.

Other points she covers include prioritizing, limiting interruptions, recovering momentum, and focusing on important work first.

Each participant chooses which action(s) they will implement to improve personal productivity.

Benefits: Participants leave encouraged, focused, motivated, and empowered with tools.
Target audience: Any profession that has freedom to structure their workday.
60 minutes.

Simplify your Workday: Let’s be Real!

Eight tips you can apply right away to simplify your workday or work-from-home day.  For professionals and professionals doubling as parents. Come learn the secrets of not overwhelming yourself with endless to-do lists, and of pacing yourself and planning ahead, and other concepts like time blocking.

Be more productive and feel deeply satisfied at the end of the workday.
Benefits: Learn new skills and gain confidence.

60-90 minutes.

Group Time Coaching for Leaders

A follow-up to Make Time your Ally seminar for those desiring highly-individualized
coaching. Provides accountability & forges lasting change.

  • Assess specific skills needed for individual improvement;
  • Receive in-depth instruction for the most-needed skills;
  • Share ideas & successes;
  • Be accountable for commitments;
  • Implement best practices to achieve maximum productivity.

Includes a personalized time map for each participant.

Each session 60 minutes.

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Speaker Bio

From pigtails to professional organizer and time coach. As president of Efficient Spaces organizing and time management, Jenny Morin is a self-made woman. While growing up on a small Maine farm, she realized early that hard work is important.

Those farm duties compelled her to seek a college education because she didn’t want to weed veggies the rest of her life! Talk about motivation. She also realized the importance of working smarter, not just working harder. Ironically, Jenny now loves gardening and even weeding.

In 2008, she heard about professional organizers in an article, and her life changed. She joined NAPO, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals the same year, and in 2013 became a certified Time Coach.

She has written a succinct book of useful tips called Get Organized Quick: 15 Minutes a Day to Organize Your Life. Jenny has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Brigham Young University (1995)

To speak to your group’s specific needs, Jenny will work with you to create a custom training program.
These workshops are ideal for staff training, retreats, business conferences, and meetings.
Program Cost is dependent on level of customization and number of participants.

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